Comforting Care and Dog in the Library

Hi! My name is “Buddy”,


I’m a Golden Retriever and was born on April 25, 2011 in Provo, Utah.  When I was 6 weeks old I was adopted by Pam and Dean Lott and I moved to Beaver, Utah.  Once in Beaver, Pam started feeding me and I now weigh about 90 pounds.  I live in a nice house and have lots of room to run and play.  When I was about ten weeks old I went on my first boat ride.  I was riding the bow of the boat and fell in the lake.  Dad grabbed me really fast and pulled me back into the boat.  I have been afraid to go in over my head ever since.  I still love riding the bow, I’m just more careful.  I love watching Mom catch fish. She only keeps the really big ones.

I love going places.  I like to hang my head out of the truck and feel the wind.  Mom got me a pair of “Doggles” so I won’t get bugs in my eyes.  I also like to ride the RAZR (ATV) with Dad.  We go up into the mountains where I chase birds and rabbits.  I haven’t caught one yet.  Dad takes me to the park and throws the tennis ball for me to retrieve.  I love to run.  When I get tired I don’t give the ball back to Dad.

Mom is teaching me to be a “Reader Dog”.  I went to the Beaver Library the other day and lots of kids read to me.  It was fun and I want to do it again really soon.  I really like kids.  I’m also hoping to be a “Comfort Dog”.  I want to go to the hospital and visit people who are trying to get well.  Mom told me “Fuzz Therapy” is a really cool thing and I have lots of fuzz (fur).   I love to see people laugh and smile.

Mom and Dad teach me tricks and I get treats. My favorite treat is bacon. I also love tomatoes and cheese.  I also like taking naps.  Mom said that’s ok because I’m still a growing boy.

I’m a really, really, really, happy dog and love to make new friends.  Maybe some day I can be your friend too!