November Newsletter


2015--11-01-2015-Nov-Blog-PicI’m so excited! Mom says that we get to eat turkey this month! It’s called Thanksgiving and I’m not sure about the history of the holiday so ask your teacher or parents about that. One thing I do know is it’s a time my family shares many of the things that they are grateful for so I’m going to share too.

First, I’m thankful for my mom and dad. They take such good care of me and love me very much.

Next, I’m thankful for all the rest of my family and friends who love me and spend time with me.

Some of them are:
♥  Aunt Jeannie who keeps my web sites going and visits me with my pal Feather.
♥  Stacey who plays with me and always brings me goodies.
♥  Santana who lets me go to school with her.
 My little cat brother, Rocky.
 My neighbor and playmate, Bobby.
 Cinthia, my new friend and neighbor.
♥  Erica, mom to playmates Enzo and Capone.
♥  My library pals and Facebook friends.
 All the rest of many family and friends. I love you all.
♥  A warm fire.
♥  A soft, safe place to sleep.
 Razor rides with Dad.
♥  And TURKEY!

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